Mission Statement

At Khemestry, we are dedicated to creating a space where individuals can come together to connect, grow, and thrive. Our mission is to provide a supportive community that promotes physical and emotional wellness through the practice of yoga and other forms of mindful movement. We believe that by cultivating a more compassionate and mindful world, we can make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and the world at large.


Founder & Yoga Instructor

Becoming a mom in my early 20s, my life and identity most often revolved around that title. As my daughters grew into young women themselves, I turned my attention inward and began to more deeply explore my Self. After completing my first yoga teacher training, my life was forever changed. From then on, I’ve been on a personal mission to become the best version of myself. In that journey, I aim to discover and explore the many  ways I can inspire and guide others to do the same for themselves.


Soul of Yoga, 2017

200 hour teacher training


You Are Sacred School of Yoga, 2018

200 hour teacher training


Yoga Through the Lens of Trauma and Incarceration, 2021

32 hour foundational training


Embody Yoga’s Roots, 2024

200 hour teacher training

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