Yoga is for Everyone

Private Sessions

  • 60 minutes of  practice
  • Travel to your location in North County
  • Private space available in Escondido
  • $75

Group Class/ Private Events

  • Groups of 3-5
  • 60 minutes of practice
  • 10 minute cool down
  • Travel to your location in North County
  • Private space available in Escondido
  • $150

Public Classes/ Events

  • Saturday 8am-9:15 at Terra Madre Gardens, Escondido
  • 20 minutes of strength training
  • 40 minutes of Hatha Vinyasa
  • $20 per class


Hear what our Yoga Community has to say about Khemestry

Johanna has an incredible gift for teaching and an infectious passion for all things yoga. I walked into her class with the anxiety of a beginner, but my worries quickly melted away as soon as she welcomed me to the mats. Her class was challenging, but the difficulty opened my eyes to new ways to strengthen my body. Also, Johanna was mindful of newer students like myself, and she recommend variations that worked for each of us. I loved her class and look forward to her continued guidance as I add yoga into my regular fitness routine.
After attending a number of sessions led by Johanna, it's clear to me that she cares deeply about her students and the practice of yoga, and that she believes yoga should be available to everyone. Her classes are good for all levels. For many poses, she provides options that allow each person to practice within their current ability, and she knows just what to say to help you power through the tough moments while still allowing you the space to respect any physical limitations. She often shares mantras that are meaningful in the moment but I also find myself coming back to them outside of class. I highly recommend her classes as a way to tend to one’s mind and body.
Johanna is the most inclusive, informative, loving instructor I’ve had the pleasure of learning from. The minute I walked into her class, I could feel the incredible environment she’s created. She has a nuanced take on her lessons that feels refreshing and again- so inclusive and loving. Can’t wait to be back!
Khemestry is more than just a yoga community, it's a family. The retreats are the perfect way to deepen your practice and connect with others on a deeper level. I'm so grateful to have found this amazing community! I've also had the pleasure of hosting Joy's yoga classes on my farm property. So grateful for the opportunity to build together.
It’s such a gift to experience Johanna’s yoga classes! Her flows are created with beautiful intention and she makes them accessible for all (which to me is very important!) I love how she incorporates affirmations that help her students stay focused and centered. Her cues are clear and thoughtful and her presence is so loving and warm. I highly recommend attending Johannas classes ! I always leave feeling stronger in body, calmer in mind, and overall more empowered!

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